Case Study – Lead Program

Any lead-driven business, with a sales force (internal or independent), wants to grow and see a dramatic Return on Investment in all marketing efforts.  Well, The Rocking Star (TRS) has solutions…

Most business is written by working the phones, from a walk in, referrals, or by paying some random online service to send you leads. And we all know there are problems with buying leads:

  • The same leads go for 30 different sales people or companies
  • These leads are random, cold, no personal connection, expensive, and mostly ineffective
  • Cold Leads = high-volume of cold calls with low conversion because the sales force has no rapport with these potential customers
  • Web lead consumers = price-focused

Referrals are arguably the best leads, next to friends and families, and TRS Lead program is relationship marketing. We build rapport and relationship with each potential customer, generating a warm to hot lead and increases our conversion rate to 12-30%.

It begins with a customized Grassroots Experiential Event Marketing Lead Program.  We augment this approach with specific community outreach efforts. Once TRS launches this dynamic lead program and begins building your brand through experience, your business will realize maximum results. The consumer, especially Millennials, prefer experience over stuff, enjoy interacting with our teams and your brand.  We focus on the experience first, connecting your brand with the consumer at the local level, reinforcing national brand messaging and creating genuine content for your website and social media.  Every TRS program is quickly scalable.

How it works, The Rocking Star:

  1. Develop a customized event marketing plan for your business (Including assets required, KPI, goals, and budget)
  2. Produce creative assets, (i.e., tents, flags, signage, wraps, flyers, uniforms, banner ads, motion graphics, premiums, interactive activity, microsites, survey development, etc.)
  3. Develop Digital plan for social media and website
  4. Hire and Train Event Marketing Program
  5. Evaluate, refine, improve and perfect efficiency in capturing sales lead opportunities.
  6. Share the amazing things your brand is doing for the community

TRS implements the Plan. We do the heavy lifting.  All that is required by your sales staff is to:

  • Promote the Event before attending
  • Work a few hours at the event, being active and engaging with the consumer
  • Work the sales leads (Close Deals)
  • Provide feedback often

What are the results?

  • Average Event Day cost around $4,000 (all in)
  • The average event will generate 150+ high-quality leads ($26 per lead).
  • The average close rate is 15%, so you can expect to generate 23 new customers
    • Results based on the performance of your sales team. Top sales reps conversion rates as high as 35%, while averages sales reps at 10% conversions.
  • The brand receives thousands of impressions with new potential consumers, driving consideration and creating real, authentic content for the web

What does this mean for your business?

What is the value of new customers and how much profit will you generate with 23 new customers with a $4,000 event cost? Better yet, how much do you currently spend to get a new customer? We’d bet it’s more than $175.

Recently worked with a client that spent on average $1,500 in traditional media to get one new customer. This same client had a value for each new customer at $1,000, so each event needed to generate 3 to 4 new customers to break-even, we delivered 20+ new customers per event. You can see why the program scaled nationally overnight with 300+% ROI.

We are experts in relationship marketing with an experience first focus, turning lead into a hot referral and ultimately driving new business. Let us show you the power of our program.

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