Happy Anniversary

The Rocking Star - Experiential Event Marketing, Creative and Digital Agency - Tulsa, Oklahoma

A year ago today, I left an amazing company where I managed a talented group of leaders and marketers. We represented one of the great American brands with a remarkable experiential marketing program that I wrote with an extremely brilliant Account Director. I loved the work, and those around me did too.

Then the agency life got in the way. While our program offered the best possible results and return for the client, the SVP and VP in cushy offices started making executive decisions that were best for the agency — not the client. The Agency First Mentality vs. client and team as a cohesive unit. The Agency profit margins, quarterly reports and shareholders’ wealth took center stage and that is when I knew it was time to start over.

In the last year, I built a new house, took training and physical health to a new level, paid off a quarter million in debt, and most importantly – founded The Rocking Star. The Rocking Star is my way of creating an experiential marketing agency around everything I love with success based on a few the simple principles.

My simple principles?

  • Protect our client’s wealth by solving challenges and generating a massive return on investment for their marketing dollars.
  • Keep promises to employees and clients, mean what you say and say what you mean – Client and Team First Mentality.
  • Build a leadership team with heart, pride for the work, and appreciation for every member of the team.
  • Hire passionate people
  • Inspire and reward greatness

As I reflect on the past year, the next 12 months are looking even better. The Rocking Star has a few high-profile projects set for big announcements, as well as an abundance of work. The phone continues to ring, the inbox is full, but we’re always looking for more.

For me personally, we are finishing our home and will make the big move to The Rocking Star Ranch this upcoming weekend. Our ranch will be a testament to the farm-to-table and self-sustainability movement that I am extremely passionate about for the last 15 years. We’ll start with chicken, beef, pork, bees, a fruit orchard and greenhouse for 2019 row crops. We look forward to this new exciting venture and getting licensed to sell our farm’s production.

If you are tired of spending marketing budgets and not knowing if you got results, The Rocking Star is for you. If you are held hostage by the bureaucracy of the agency life, give us a call. We want to help you rock it.

I hope this note finds you well and you give me a call if you need anything!

Sam Bein

Office: (918) 347-6004

President – Experiential & Operations

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