Is the Data You Capture Safe?

You hired a company to manage your event marketing program. You put the protocol in place to make sure that every member of the marketing team understands the brand, talking points, promotion, ways to builds rapport and it comes time for the brand ambassador to start capturing a hot sales lead opportunity.  You put so much thought and creativity into the producing an amazing activation, a memorable experience, but have you thought about data security.

  1. What happens to the data after ‘Submit’?
  2. Who has access to the information?
  3. Is the information safe?
  4. How do you know its safe?
  5. What’s your liability if personal information is hacked?

Over the last 4 years, I have had the great pleasure to work with MoZeus Worldwide and they are hands down the industry leader in data capture and experiential gaming. What I can promise to my clients is our data capture partners has taken the necessary step to protect your data, including putting all software through vigorous testing to make sure that it’s not vulnerable to hacks. That data security is the top priority and the brightest minds in Information Technology have reviewed safety protocols and approved MoZeus as a leader in data security.

MoZeus is:

  • Digital Data Collection
  • Registration & Tracking
  • Digital sweepstakes & Instant Win
  • Photo/Video Marketing
  • Kiosk & Booths
  • Analytics & Insights

The Rocking Star will create an amazing experience for your brand, collect hottest sales leads, drop them in leads into your current lead management system and provide analytics/insight to improve and perfect our process in the field. All your salespeople need to do is a follow-up, quote, convert to a customer and provide feedback on program performance.

The best news, when we capture data in the field, MoZeus API’s can drop our hot sales lead opportunities in your current Lead Management system seamlessly.

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