Starting the Conversation and Building Relationships

Experiential Marketing, we start the conversation that continues in the digital space. We build the foundations for a relationship and create consideration. We create memories, thoughts, feelings, and emotion associated with your brand. We give you more things to talk about online vs. your product or service. We create real, genuine and authentic content; true engagements.

Spero Patricios defined “experiential” as “engaging your prospect’s senses to understand the essence of your brand.” It’s using the experience to break through the fortified wall of the human mind and infiltrate it with your message in a sales-free zone and soft sale environment.

So many companies claim to provide experiential marketing and while it’s not brain surgery, companies still fail miserably. My suggestion is to hire companies that are expert MVPs in Experiential Marketing, and stay away from the “Yes, we do that…”, 360, we do everything firms. Also, hire companies that are experts in your specific line of business.

For example, The Rocking Star (TRS) are experts in lead generations and branding/sampling programs. We are also experts in concert and festival promotion/production, things we do very well. If your business depends on high-quality sales lead opportunities, then TRS is the experts you should partner with if you enjoy 200% to 300% ROI. If you are a retail space, doing grand openings, customer appreciations, sampling, secret shopper, etc., then I would suggest partnering with retailcomm. I have a handful of friends that work for this great company, and they are dominating experts in the experiential retail space.

Lastly, if you like great customers service, smaller agencies fees, and faster turnarounds, then hire a boutique or privately held agency vs. Huge Conglomerate.

If you’re unhappy with your experiential marketing program or agency, then call me.

If you feel like your agency cares more about their Stockholders, has an Agency First approach and is making recommendations based on what is best for their quarterly financial statement (Form 10-Q, 10-K), then call me, because I can help.