Expanding Brand Reach by Social Storytelling

Oprah always says, “everyone has a story to tell.” My wife loves true stories and documentaries. She says that it is extremely valuable to her to see how others live and potentially learn from how they see life and how they lived their life. Come to think of it, we all live life from our own particular camera angle, we call that our perspective. Social media has given us all a glimpse into so many different peoples lives. Whether it is Selena Gomez (the most followed person on Instagram), Dwayne Johnson, your favorite music artist or band or your neighbor. You can have a glimpse into anyone’s life. In turn, you can also tell the story of your brand and put it out there for the world to see. My wife owns her own business. This is a tricky topic on our house, given my background in digital content and experiential marketing. My big goal for her is to start to tell the story of her brand on social. This would include her putting herself into the content she posts since in my view, she is the brand. This is something she is not at all comfortable doing.

Social media is nothing more than a value exchange. People follow you because they get value from your posts. That’s it. But this is easier said than done. What if you are a contractor? How do you tell this story? If you are just starting a project, document everyday the start of the work taking place to the final product. Have your customer talk openly and honestly about the process, both good and bad. It all has to go in. The content has to be authentic. We all know there are some headaches that come along with a major remodel like putting in a pool or redoing a kitchen. But that story, the final product and your customers feeling once completed is where the gold is. It’s like the reveal on any home improvement show, that’s the payoff and what makes going through the remodel worth it. What is going to stick with people is the reaction. The positive feeling they are left with when they go through a transformation. We all know they best way to attract more customers is through word of mouth referrals. There is no better way to create that word of mouth advertising than to have your customer share their experience with their friends and people who follow them.

Telling stories is something that only a few brands have been able to tap into successfully. Let us help your business tap into the amazing power of storytelling on social.