The Power of Storytelling

When I was 13 years old I thought I was way too cool for school.  Now I know, I’m probably not the only one. When you are in your teenage years you don’t think you need to hang out with your parents anymore, all you wanna do is be with your friends who are also either just as cool or almost as cool as you are. When you’re a teenager, especially a male one at...

Are Photos Still Enough?

Looking at the landscape of advertising now, small businesses have so many options that are relatively inexpensive. However, a majority of small businesses are very inexperienced at how to utilize these platforms and even more inexperienced to know what works with audiences on different platforms. It's true, what you put on the radio or TV, will not work on social media. What's more, is that what used to work on social media, probably doesn't work...
Authenticity, Trust and Transparency in Marketing

Authenticity, Trust and Transparency in Marketing

What happens when you really care? Think about those closest to you. Your spouse, family and closest friends. Why are they the ones closest to you? In most cases, they trust and know you. As people, we are generally a little stand off-ish when people attempt to try